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It's just a lil baby fat [userpic]
Its been a long time......
by It's just a lil baby fat (b4by_f_4_t)
at December 27th, 2007 (12:29 pm)

  .....I shouldna left you without a dope beat to SWEAT to. :0)  

Hey Ladies.    I can't believe that  in 5 days the year will be over.  Where did 2007 go?  I hope that you all reached w/e weight loss goals you all set for the year.  If not keep trying.  You cant let the feelings of failure stop you from making progress.  I have lost weight only to gain weight.   Rinse and repeat.  Its been a tumultous year but I'm still on the path of perserverance.      

Share your war stories and sucesses with us as we conclude this  year and prepare for  tthe new one.    What do you want to  accomplish in '08?

Buena Suerte!