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iweigh286lbs [userpic]
by iweigh286lbs (iweigh286lbs)
at December 12th, 2006 (03:44 pm)

Hi, I'm Liz and I'm new!

Actually, I'm not new to being fat. I've been fat my whole life, I think. I have successfully lost weight before but in the past two years I have ballooned up to a staggering 286 lbs (as of yesterday). I KNOW it is time I should do something about it, but I know I will need a lot of support along the way. Anyone else looking for LJ friends to encourage them along? Add me! I'll add you back. I hope to post pics of myself along the way to chart my progress, in my own journal, but seeing changes here might be good for me too.

Current weight: 286lbs
Height: 5'5''
Goal weight: 150...it's going to be a loooong journey

by The rest is still unwritten... (carryingon)
at September 3rd, 2006 (05:26 pm)

current mood: amused

I started back at WW three weeks ago but haven't been back since I was studying so I went back today for the new monthly pass which comes to $9.22 a week AND free e-tools (you used to have to pay for those). I'm pretty excited and want to well now that everything has died down. I was back up to 325lbs but pretty much expected that since I let myself have anything I wanted to get me through my studying...but no more excuses!

It was funny when I went in to the meeting today. There are two women who work there on Sundays, the leader and the woman behind the counter. Well since they went to computers and I was early they were both manning the counter. The funny thing was that they were both wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS! A red dress with white polka dots. I didn't say a word but was thinking, "God, how strict has Weight Watchers become that they have to wear uniforms now (and not very attractive ones to boot)!" Someone finally asked and we all had a good laugh when they said it was a fluke that they just both wore the same dress!

is_she_trouble [userpic]
Im new!... kinda
by is_she_trouble (is_she_trouble)
at August 25th, 2006 (01:09 am)

current mood: okay

Hello all!
I joined this community some time back, but fell from the wagon yet again. So I never got around to posting in here.

But now I trying to jump back into the swing of things.

Im 34 years old, and weigh well over 350 I wear size 28-32 and hate diet/exercise! (if you couldn't tell that by my weight!..lol)

I made this journal for my weight loss, I don't have any friends yet, so Im hoping I can find a few in here, so maybe we could help each other out in the moral support area!

I will try to update on my progress!

GIGANTOR [userpic]
Some Useful Sites!
by GIGANTOR (therealgigantor)
at August 21st, 2006 (09:52 pm)
current mood: enthused
current song: Annie Lennox - Why

Hello laaadies...

I've been snooping through the internet looking for diet and exercise advice and found these two sites that I think you all will enjoy

The first is Fitday.com On this site you can log all of your exercise, calories, proteins, carbs (whatever else) as well as your goals. I think I'm going to try and use it to chart at least my diet. We'll see if I can stick with it : /


This next site is Stumptuous.com

This site has excellent resources for weight training and supplementing especially for women. It covers workouts for every type of person, but it focuses on the average joe/ beginner. It makes me want to go pump some serious iron! Its also got some fantastic diet eating advice as well as advice on caloric intake and just about anything else you can think of. And to top it all off, its well written and FUNNY!


half_of_meme [userpic]
workout partner problems????
by half_of_meme (half_of_meme)
at August 12th, 2006 (02:51 am)

so i kinda got depressed tonight and have been for a couple days
ive had a bad week, not so much the eating however 1 day i did have
pizza but my problem has been not wanting to exercise, i had to force
myself to tonight but i did my 2 miles and a bunch of weight training.
I think more than anything its my workout partner, she is 100 pds lighter
than me (only needs like lose like 20 pds) and it seems like everything we do
she has to do 10 times more, if our workout video says walk in place then she jogs
if it says to do 50 crunches she does 100, and thats great for her but its like
after she does it she looks at me like i should and im struggling to do what
the darn tape says. now she is my sister n law and i love her to death and
i dont have anyone else to work out with and its boring alone but i always
feel like a big whale compared to her exspecially when she starts complaining
about how fat she is. Anyone have this problem or any suggestions

seriously down and out

I did it...
by The rest is still unwritten... (carryingon)
at August 9th, 2006 (06:45 pm)

I went back to my Weight Watcher's meeting tonight.  Here is my "official" weight:  321.8 so lets call it 322.
lol - It's all downhill from here on out!

Tonight is the night...
by The rest is still unwritten... (carryingon)
at August 9th, 2006 (01:45 pm)

I'm going back to my Weight Watcher's meetings.  My coupons expired so I tried the on-line version.  And while I don't have any problem with being completely honest with my weigh-ins, I have a hard time going on-line to do it.  The meetings I can go to on my way home from work.  I'll have to sign up all over again but that's good, I can get my OFFICIAL weigh since my work & home differ from each other by about 5lbs.  I'll let everyone know tomorrow.

And something you may all have known but I just recently discovered;  while I bring my points finder to the grocery store with me and check my points (when I'm being good that is), I rarely compare the higher calorie/fat version points to the lower version.  Out of habit I grab the lower calorie/fat version (baked chips, light margarine, etc.)  I've gotten fed up with the higher prices, lack of taste and always feeling like I'm on a diet because I'm eating different food than everyone else so I started wondering what the regular version would cost me in points, money, etc.  You know what, in about 50% of the time there was VERY LITTLE difference!  You may have a point or two more or have a chip or two less but in the over scheme of things is that so bad when you can get full flavor, lower cost and feeling more like everyone else?  I've decided to buy all regular foods from now on, nothing special and just use my points & portion control.  I may choose the lower calorie/fat version occasionally but only if I really prefer the taste over the regular version.

In closing, I've found that the BEST appetite control out there is when someone tells you that they love you - you feel like you can walk on water!!!

('m posting this in all my weight loss support communities so sorry if you see it duplicated)

half_of_meme [userpic]
weigh in
by half_of_meme (half_of_meme)
at August 4th, 2006 (03:27 pm)

im having to weigh in a day early cuz my partner is gonna be out of town and let me tell you this week wasn't such a motivator

for 1 i didnt lose anything i stayed the same
and as far as measurements go i only lost on my arms
and barely on my waist here are the numbers

last wk weight 253
this wk weight 253

last wk waist 46 1/4
this wk waist 46 1/8

last wk breast 46 1/8
this wk breast 47

last wk thighs 26 3/4
this wk thighs 27

last wk arm 15 5/8
this wk arm 14 3/4

so hopefully everyone else is doing better than me :P

SW 260
CW 253
STG 230
LTG 185

Didn't do very well this week...
by The rest is still unwritten... (carryingon)
at July 30th, 2006 (11:36 am)
current mood: busy

but to be honest I still haven't purchase food to replace all that spoiled with the power outage.Collapse )

And finally - is there anything that says summer better than fresh peaches (diet or not)?

half_of_meme [userpic]
by half_of_meme (half_of_meme)
at July 29th, 2006 (06:36 pm)

here's the stats

last wk- 255
this wk- 253


last wk 48 3/4
this wk 46 1/8

last wk- 48 3/4
this wk- 46 1/8

last wk 28 3/8
this wk 26 3/4

upper arm-
last wk 15 7/8
this wk 15 5/8

Yay I lost on everything, kinda bummed about the only 2 pds loss but I guess inches are more important and a loss is a loss so yay me

how is everyone else doing?

CW 253
STG 230
LTG 185